Price List

Price List

Beginner Lessons: Approximately 60 min. Includes learning to groom, Tack-Up, care for the horse and equipment after riding. ~ If purchased in series of 5, $50.00 per lesson ~ $55.00
Intermediate Lessons: 30 min. private; 45 min. 2-3 riders, must be able to care for horse independently. ~ If purchased in series of 5, $45.00 per lesson ~ $50.00
60 minute private lesson $75.00
~ If purchased in series of 5, $70.00 per lesson ~ $350.00
45 minute private lesson $60.00
~ If purchased in series of 5, $55.00 per lesson ~ $275.00

Cross Country Lesson
– Group Lesson 1 to 1 ½ hours
Hacking – Practice time; only available to current students, 60 min $35.00
• All lesson series purchases are non-refundable, non-transferrable & must be redeemed within 7 weeks of purchase.
• Oxbow Riders Club members will receive an additional $25 off lesson series purchases
Monthly Leasing – includes 4 lessons
Junior lease $480.00
Senior lease $500.00
Upper Barn (12 x 12 matted stall attached to indoor arena)
Window Stall $675.00
Inner Stall $650.00
Lower Barn (all stalls are matted)
Large Stall $575.00
Small Stall $550.00
Ring Fee – For those who ride boarder horses $15.00
Ring Fee – For outside instructors for Oxbow boarders $20.00
All boarding fees include a complimentary session for your horse on our Theraplate. Check out the many benefits at
3 Times weekly $500.00
4 Times weekly $640.00
5 Times weekly $775.00
Individual Sessions $50.00
Grooming $5.00 Bathing (includes shampoo) $20.00
Pulling mane $25.00+ Body clipping (including bath) $150.00+
Pulling tail $15.00 Sheath Cleaning $25.00+
Braiding mane & tail $45.00 Teat cleaning $10.00+
Meds daily AM and /or PM $5.00/day
Trim clipping (muzzle, ears, legs) $30.00+
Special Veterinary Care (Minimum $5.00) $25.00/hr, after 6:00 PM $45.00/hr

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

“Thanks so much for having the girls and me to the dinner last night. It is always one of my favorite nights of the year. I love the team work that the Saturday program cultivates, and I love watching the girls recognize the growth they’ve made year to year. It is a one of a kind program, and I know exactly how much hard work it takes to pull it off. As always, it was a night of smiles and laughter in the midst of a very long and cold winter.

Good luck with the spring season and hope to see you at one of the shows this year. “


“All of us from West Milford Equestrian Center were very happy with the organization, smooth running of the event and the great stall accommodations during the show. Each time any of us had a question, we were treated with respect and every question was answered thoroughly, politely and with a smile. We were even asked from time to time if there was anything we needed and were offered hay for our horses if needed and assistance when we were moving out on our way home.

The judge, Cheryl Ash, was a delight and since it was the first time I ever did a Fix A Test, I had no idea what to expect. What a treat!!! She was so engaging and her desire for each one of us to do our best and come away with something to work on to improve our horse and ourselves gives me the desire to ride for her again. I look forward to showing her my progress and how much her genuine desire to teach touched me. When ever it is offered, I will always take advantage of the Fix A Test.

Our group looks forward to your October 22 event and I am especially eyeing up your beginner cross country course. It looks like the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun with my horses.”

Suzanne Wilt – West Milford Equestrian Center

“Over the past five to six years that I’ve been doing clinics at Oxbow, I have found the facility, management, the riding and the horses to continue to improve. There is an evolution to the standard of excellence that everyone at Oxbow is trying to achieve.”

Michael Page – Olympian hunt seat winner