Rules / Policies


We ask that everyone behave in a quiet, courteous manner. Horses prefer a calm, peaceful atmosphere. The following are the barn rules. Please follow them for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Stable Rules

  • Absolutely no smoking in any of the buildings, at any time. Anyone, 18 years or older, who must smoke, must do it outside, at least 50 ft from any building.
  • Absolutely no illegal substances anywhere, at any time. Anyone caught will be told to leave.
  • Crude behavior and/or profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Cruelty and/ or abuse of any horse at Oxbow will not be tolerated. Anyone caught will be told to leave.
  • No running or shouting in the barn or around the horses.
  • All riders are asked to clean up after themselves and their horses. Please return all grooming totes, saddlery and equipment to their proper places. Please clean up after your horse when he is on the cross ties or in the wash stalls. Broom, shovels and manure baskets are provided.
  • Oxbow is not responsible for personal items or equipment. We ask that all boarders keep their belongings locked away and that riders take their items when leaving.
  • All students must be supervised when attending to a horse unless permission has been given otherwise. No entering a stall or arena unless authorized to do so.
  • Do not leave horses unattended on the cross ties.
  • When leading a horse into the lower barn stall, any horse on the cross ties must be walked into a stall to clear the aisle for the horse coming in.
  • All horses are to be led with halter and lead or when in a bridle, with the reins over the horse’s head.
  • It is the student’s job to remove all sweat marks from her horse and to pick-out his feet before returning him to his stall or paddock. This care includes replacing his blanket during cold weather. Bits are to be rinsed off after use. (You can use a horse’s water bucket.)
  • Please monitor the machines when washing or drying. Removing laundry items when done makes the machine available for another load.
  • All boarders are to feed their horses when riding during “dinnertime”. If the horse has just worked and you have to leave, please let one of the staff know so the horse gets feel. In the upper barn, the horse’s feed will be put on his tack trunk. In the lower barn, the feed will be left out on the feed counter. Please return feed dishes to the feed room.
  • Please turn off lights, latch doors and gates. Turn off water and coil hose when done. Please use one diagonal set of lights in the indoor arena.
  • We ask our boarders to please consult our staff with regard to additional hay or bedding. We keep an in ven-tory and it’s the only way to monitor what’s being used. We appreciate your cooperation.

Dress Code

  • For safety’s sake, no jewelry is to be worn except for a watch and one pair of stud earrings. No bracelets, chains, drop earrings or “body jewelry” are to be worn.
  • An ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet with harness fastened must be worn at all times while mounted.
  • Riding breeches or jodhpur pants are to be worn when riding. Preferred colors are black, beige, grey pants with jodhpur, paddock or tall boots. Half chaps are encouraged to protect the leg when wearing short boots.
  • Shirts are to be tucked into pants or breeches when riding. Belts are to be worn with pants which have belt loops.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn when riding. Appropriate footwear includes jodphur boots, tall boots or any other sturdy shoe or boot with a heel at least 1/2″ high and no more than 2″ high. Sneakers, sandals or high heels are not appropriate footwear for riding horses and can lead to injury.

Dress Code for Summer Campers

  • Long pants, shoes/boots of sturdy construction with a smooth sole and moderate well defined heel are necessary for riding. NO SNEAKERS OR SANDALS. Hair should be tied back, no jewelry except for stud earrings and a watch. Safety headgear is provided for those riders just beginning. Suntan lotion is recommended. Campers can bring clothes to change into after they ride.


Credit Cards are accepted. You may keep a credit card on file. No late or office fees will ever be charged.

Please make checks payable to Phoenix Equestrian Center, LLC. A $30 returned check fee will be incurred for any bounced checks.

A $35 late fee will be assessed to all board payments made after the 15th of the month.

For those riders who ride boarder’s horses on a regular basis, ring fees are $12 per hour or $100 per month.

A ten lesson series is good for 12 weeks. Lesson series are non-refundable.

Lessons on a series are discounted. When a series runs out, the individual lesson charge is applied.

Riders will be chaged for any lesson not canceled at least 12 hours in advance. Emergencies excepted, of course.

Groupon lessons

All riding lessons must be scheduled at least 24 hrs in advance. If you have purchased a lesson through Groupon, you must still call and schedule your lesson, even though you have already paid. If you fail to call and schedule your lesson and just show up at the barn, you may be asked to return another day, as we may already be busy with other riders’ lessons, and there may not be a horse available at that time.

Cancellation Policies

If you or your child has signed up for a show or clinic, you have bought a space. If cancellation is made after the closing date, you are financially responsible for that spot.

Summer Camp Cancellations: All cancellations must be received in writing. Full refund if cancelled by June 1. Refund minus $100 cancellation fee if cancelled by June 30th. No refunds after July 1

Become an Oxbow Sponsor

Become an Oxbow Sponsor and help suppor our wonderful facility. We are the only barn in the area with all the amenities of two dressage arenas, a large outdoor arena, a beautiful indoor, three outdoor warm up arenas, and of course our terrific cross country courses. Proceeds help to support our use and to make improvements that benefit us all.

Announcements of our sponsors will be made throughout the competitions.

Event Sponsor: $1500

A Cross Country Fence will be built especially for you. Your name or logo on a sign at the fence, a full-page advertisement in our programs, free entries for the show season and a 10 lesson series.

Cross Country Sponsor: $500

Your name or logo on a sign on the cross country course, as well as a full-page advertisement in our programs and free entries for the show season.

Stadium Sponsor: $350

Your name or logo on a sign on the stadium ring, as well as a full-page advertisement in our programs and two free entries and two free entries and two free cross country lessons.

Dressage Sponsor: $200

Your name or logo on a sign on the dressage fence, as well as a full-page advertisement in our programs and four free dressage entry fees.

Awards Sponsor: $200

Your name will be announced as the sponsor when the winners are declared, as well as a listing on the “Awards Page” of our program and three free entries.

Program Pages

Inside Cover – Front: $175 Outside Cover – Back: $150 Full Page: $125 Half Page: $100
Two free Dressage entries or one free Combined Test entry with the above sponsorships.

Quarter Page: $75.00  |  Eight Page: $50  |  Friends Page: $25

Free Dressage Class entry with the above sponsorships

Oxbow Year End Awards

Dressage Achievement Ribbons are awarded to those riders earning 65% or higher.

Eventing Achievement Ribbons are awarded to those riders earning 35% or lower in dressage.

Dressage High Score Awards will be awarded to riders in Starter Walk/Trot, Starter Walk/Trot/Canter, Training and First Level.

Eventing High Score Awars will be awarded to riders at the Introductory, Elementary, Pre-Starter, Starter, Beg -Novice & Novice Levels.

Riders must compete in a minimum of 4 shows.

Equestrian of the Year. Voted on by the membership, awarded to that person who has shown the most progress in developing her/his horsemanship skills, both on and off the horse. To be chosen from those members who have earned “Equestrian of the Month”. A junior and an adult will be awarded.

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

“Thanks so much for having the girls and me to the dinner last night. It is always one of my favorite nights of the year. I love the team work that the Saturday program cultivates, and I love watching the girls recognize the growth they’ve made year to year. It is a one of a kind program, and I know exactly how much hard work it takes to pull it off. As always, it was a night of smiles and laughter in the midst of a very long and cold winter.

Good luck with the spring season and hope to see you at one of the shows this year. “


“All of us from West Milford Equestrian Center were very happy with the organization, smooth running of the event and the great stall accommodations during the show. Each time any of us had a question, we were treated with respect and every question was answered thoroughly, politely and with a smile. We were even asked from time to time if there was anything we needed and were offered hay for our horses if needed and assistance when we were moving out on our way home.

The judge, Cheryl Ash, was a delight and since it was the first time I ever did a Fix A Test, I had no idea what to expect. What a treat!!! She was so engaging and her desire for each one of us to do our best and come away with something to work on to improve our horse and ourselves gives me the desire to ride for her again. I look forward to showing her my progress and how much her genuine desire to teach touched me. When ever it is offered, I will always take advantage of the Fix A Test.

Our group looks forward to your October 22 event and I am especially eyeing up your beginner cross country course. It looks like the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun with my horses.”

Suzanne Wilt – West Milford Equestrian Center

“Over the past five to six years that I’ve been doing clinics at Oxbow, I have found the facility, management, the riding and the horses to continue to improve. There is an evolution to the standard of excellence that everyone at Oxbow is trying to achieve.”

Michael Page – Olympian hunt seat winner